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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at NutorTutor, we connect students with their respective tutors in their chosen courses, giving them a platform on which to teach and learn.
Once a student signs up to NutorTutor, they can then select their course and their preferred Tutor. From there, students can be taught by their tutor online or, if their geographical locations are close, face-to-face. We provide the tools which makes this possible, connecting students and tutors through a simple to use online portal.
When connected like this, students and tutors can then arrange time and dates on which to meet.

Simply enter in your details in our student form, and you will become a student here on NutorTutor.

Complete our sign up form where we ask you for your credentials, level of experience in your field as well as other relevant criteria. Based on the details you provide us, we will let you know the status of your application.

This largely depends on the student’s chosen course and the tutor they select, as well as how long tutor support is required.

No! Students can sign up anytime and begin learning right away. The only limitation to this is the timetable of your chosen tutor. Once a student has chosen their tutor, they can then begin to arrange a time and date that suits them both.

For email, contact us at

To send an online message, enquire here.

Via phone, please call us on 1300 992 677.